Irrespective of whether you fly or drive, getting to Epupa is an experience in itself. A flight from Windhoek takes you past Etosha National Park and the striking Zebra Mountains before descending along the Kunene River. By road you will see the landscape gradually becoming wilder and more desolate. You will pass Himba villages, large herds of cattle or goats and Himba walking long distances. Watch out for wild animals that roam the region.

By road from Opuwo

Himba men on donkeys Epupa Camp lies on the banks of the Kunene River in the Kunene Region, of which the northern part was known as Kaokoland. From Opuwo take the DR 3700 gravel road north. Epupa is about 180 km or three-hours’ driving from Opuwo. It is scenic road, made slow by the many dry river beds, herds of farm animals and the nomadic Himba you pass. After 100 km you reach Okongwati. On arrival at Epupa, follow the signs for Epupa Camp as it winds through the picturesque village. We are about 800 meters upstream from the main falls. A 4x4 vehicle is recommended, especially during the rainy season. The coordinates are S16°59' 55.34" E13°15' 17.91"

By road from Ruacana

Himba boys Drive west along the Kunene River via Swartbooisdrift, take DR 3701 towards Epembe and then turn right onto DR 3700 via Okongwati. It is approximately 250 km or a 5-hour drive from Ruacana to Epupa Falls. A 4x4 vehicle is recommended. At Epupa simply follow the signs for Epupa Camp. We are about 800m upstream from the main falls.

The road along the Kunene River is a tough 4x4 road. It takes up to 10 hours to reach Epupa from Swartbooisdrift - if all goes well. Only take this road if you are traveling with more than one vehicle and are experienced 4x4 drivers with plenty of time to spare and lots of spare wheels!

By Air

Epupa airstrip Fly to the Epupa airstrip, a gravel landing strip about 8 km from Epupa Camp. We collect fly-in guests at the landing strip and drive you through the mountainous landscape in an open safari vehicle. Stepping out of a small plane in this part of the world feels much like stepping into Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa. However, the first sight of the Kunene delta is unsurpassed.

Landing strip details: S17°01’ 45.6" E013°12’ 36.6",11/29, 950 x 30 m, Gravel, Elev: 2500 ft

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