Guided Hikes At And Around The Epupa Falls

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Our guides can take you along the river or into the surrounding hills to explore the flora and fauna of Kaokoland and enjoy stunning views of the Kunene snaking its way through the dry desert landscape. During your hike you are likely to come across Bushman’s poison bushes with their beautiful but deadly pink flowers and large Euphorbia bushes, of which the poisonous milky-white latex has been used by the San and Himba for hunting for centuries. Also easily recognisable are the makalani palms, mopane scrub and the flat-topped umbrella thorn with the almost Mexican name: Acacia tortilis.

Depending on your interests, we offer guided walks to one of the following:

To and around the Epupa Falls down to a white beach below the Epupa Falls. The walk will take you through the village to the main fall where the Himba people often come to wash their clothes, bathe, or play in the shallow pools.

Into the surrounding hills to explore the fauna and flora of this riverine area and beyond.

The crocodile trail, a 3 km walk meandering eastwards along the Kunene River bank.

Birding walks at Epupa Falls and the surrounding area.

These walks can take up to three hours. In summer these are best undertaken in the early morning hours. The starting time depends on the guests and their interests.

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